Traditional Balkan Flavours

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Arda Gıda that highlights human health produces all products in a hygienic environment by adopting production methods that do not harm the nature and humans.

Arda Gıda prefers natural and the healthiest methods in the entire production process. Accordingly, first-grade material quality is preferred for all materials used in the production process and the processed meat is produced by using the right amount of materials without any problems.

Our company continues to address the taste buds of its customers since 2004 with the capability to produce Balkan style meat products. Our aim is to be an example institution producing the best and highest quality products in our country to our customers by adhering to our recipes in the future. Arda Gıda believed that preserving the trust is more valuable than building it and adopted the mission to undertake all the liabilities to ensure continuous customer trust and satisfaction.


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Traditional Balkan Flavours

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Our products are carefully produced under hygienic conditions.
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